Date : Wed, 01 Mar 2017 - Fri, 31 Mar 2017 Last Date of Registration : Thu, 30 Mar 2017
No. of Classes/ Sessions : 24 Total Hours : 48
Duration : 3 month Time : 6.00 pm - 8.00pm
Resource Person
Md Arfe Elahi Manik

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Course Details

Start Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2017
Last Date of Registration: Thu, 30 Mar 2017
Course Fee: 16000.00
Vanue: House # 2B, Road # 12, Mirpur Road, Dhanmodi, Dhaka- 1209, Bangladesh

Who Can Attend?

College students seeking career in Robotics and Embedded Systems. Person having interest in Embedded Systems. Electronics and communication students. Students from any branch can attend the training program.


interactive lab, computer based, Interactive Lecture, Power Point Presentation, Case Study, Group Work, handout etc.

Special Note

Certificate awarded by Australian Academy of Business Leadership

Microcontroller with Robotics
Objective of this Training

Students will understand the techniques and applications of Automation and Robotics Programming in an industrial environment. They will learn to design and implement robotic systems and apply what they learned to a career in the Automation and Robotics field.

Training Overview & Outline

Part 1:

  • Introduction of various type of microcontroller
  • Lab work:
  • Installation of software’s
  • Application of microcontroller
  • Available microcontroller in Bangladesh
  • Introduction to microcontroller programmer
  • Installation of software’s for PLC series microcontroller
  • Installation of simulation software’s for microcontrollers
  • Introduction to some basics of programming language C

Part 2:

  • Input and output of PLC
  • Lab work:
  • Operating relays using microcontroller
  • Carefulness for input and output
  • Lab work:
  • Display numbers using microcontroller
  • Basics of 7-segment display
  • Lab work:
  • Handing the fractional number display

Part 3:

  • Basics of LCD display
  • Lab work:
  • Displaying sentence, number in LCD display
  • How to display characters , number in different position of LCD
  • Features of LCD display
  • Troubleshoot of the LCD display

Part 4-5:

  • Basics of timer
  • How to configure a timer
  • Understanding timer interrupt
  • Clock speed in timer
  • Digital clock using microcontroller

Part 6:

  • Basics of external interrupt
  • Lab work:
  • Total hardware of a frequency meter
  • Professional start/stop input using interrupt
  • Lab work:
  • Stop watch construction
  • Basics of frequency meter

Part 7-8:

  • Interval calculation using timer and interrupt
  • Lab work:
  • Detail construction of power factor meter
  • Basics of power factor meter
  • Construction of PFI plant using microcontroller

Part 9:

  • A/D converter
  • Lab Work:
  • Construction of voltmeter using microcontroller
  • Voltage measurement using microcontroller
  • Usage of amplifier is different type of transducers

Part 10:

  • Measurement of temperature, humidity
  • Lab work:
  • Air conditioner control based on temperature
  • Over voltage protection for lines
  • Lab work:
  • Electronic volting machine using microcontroller

Part 11:

  • EPROM in microcontroller
  • Save microcontroller data when power is not available

Part 12:

  • Switch mode power supply using microcontroller
  • Lab work:
  • Project evaluation


Software: Proteus 7.10, AVR Studio, WIN AVR, AVR LIB, Programming in C


  • Microcontroller Basic
  • Basic knowledge of Microcontroller Compiler and Simulator
  • Understanding Input Output pin configuration
  • Display custom characters on LCD using AVR Microcontroller
  • Understanding Timer/Counter
  • Understanding PWM
  • Understanding ADC
  • Serial communication with AVR microcontroller using interrupts
  • Basic Knowledge of Microcontroller Internal and external interrupt
  • Basic Knowledge of EPROM in microcontroller
  • How to interface Servo Motor with AVR Microcontroller
  • How to interface Stepper Motor with AVR Microcontroller
  • Serial communication with AVR microcontroller using interrupts
  • Understanding Ultrasonic sound sensor configure
  • Obstacle Avoiding Robot