Date : Wed, 31 May 2017 - Mon, 31 Jul 2017 Last Date of Registration : Tue, 23 May 2017
No. of Classes/ Sessions : 16 Total Hours : 32
Duration : 2 month Time : 6.00 pm - 8.00pm
Resource Person
Md. Sahedul Alam

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Course Details

Start Date: Wed, 31 May 2017
Last Date of Registration: Tue, 23 May 2017
Course Fee: 4800.00
Vanue: 225 A. K. Tower (1st Floor), SK Mujib Road, Chowmohuni, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Who Can Attend?

This course is designed for the professionals who want to be faster and better than any other in GRAPHIC DESIGNING and smarter - make the difference clear ahead in INNOVATIVE DESIGN CREATOR.


Interactive Lecture, Power Point Presentation,Lab Classes, Case Study,Group Work,Real Time Projects, Handout etc

Special Note

Registration: 22th March 2017. Interview: 23th -24th March 2017. Admission: 24th - 25th March 2017. Certificates will be awarded to participants at the end of the course.

Graphics Design This Course Under Scholarship Project. For Chittagong
Objective of this Training

After attending the course the participants would be able to know:

Core Graphic Designing
Basic of Creative Advertising
Professional Corporate Material Designing
Basic of Branding Image
Creative Thinking and Innovative Idea for Corporate Promotional tools

Training Overview & Outline

Adobe Photoshop CC=: level 1     

Adobe Photoshop CC: level 2     

Adobe Illustrator CC: level 1       

Adobe Illustrator CC: level 2       

Adobe Illustrator CC: level 1       

Content Outline:

The Illustrator Environment

  • Illustrator Environment Elements
  • Navigating in Illustrator

Working with Paths

  • Vector and Raster Images
  • Creating Paths with Drawing Tools
  • Modifying paths

Working with Objects

  • Creating Objects with object drawing tools
  • Editing Objects

Fill and Stroke Attributes

  • Applying colors
  • Creating colors
  • Working with Gradients
  • Using Brushes
  • Using Transparency


  • Working with Layers

Working with type

  • Creating and formatting type
  • Creating Type along a Path
  • Applying Color to Type Objects
  • Creating Outlines

Creating Output

  • Printing and Saving for the Web


  • Adobe Illustrator CC: level 2       
  • Content Outline:

Advanced Drawing Tools


Advanced Paths Editing

  • Splitting Paths
  • Duplication Paths and Layers
  • Moving, Transforming, and Duplication Objects
  • Offset Path command
  • Simplifying Paths
  • Aligning Objects
  • Nesting Layers

Gradients and Blends

  • Gradients Meshes
  • Blends



  • Scaling and Rotating
  • Reflecting
  • Shearing and Transforming

Compound Paths

  • Working with compound Paths
  • Using Gradients and compound Path fills
  • Combining with the Pathfinder Palette

Raster Images and Filters

  • Converting Vector Graphics to Raster Graphics
  • Using the Rasterize command
  • Applying filters to Raster objects

Live Effects and Appearance

  • Drop Shadows and Feathering
  • Applying More Live Effects
  • Using the Appearance Palette
  • Envelope Distortions


Creating and Editing Layer Masks




Adobe Photoshop CC: level 1    

Content Outline:


Graphic Terminology

  • Vector Graphics vs. Bitmap Graphics
  • Color Depth
  • Color Mode (3 Color Vs. 4 Color)

Photoshop’s Environment

  • Graphics and Environment Elements
  • Navigating in Photoshop


Sizing images

  • Image Size and Resolution
  • Cropping

Selecting Image Areas

  • The Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee Tools
  • The Lasso Tools and Saving Selections
  • The Magic Wand Tool
  • The Magnetic Lasso Tool and Modifying Selection


  • Floating Versus Fixed Selections
  • Undoing Previous Steps
  • Copying Selections and Creating Layers
  • Transforming Layers
  • Copying Layers and Saving Images
  • Arranging Layers

Blending and Compositing

  • Defringing, Opacity, and Blending Modes
  • Feathering Edges

Image Modes

  • Image Modes

Color and Painting

  • Selecting Colors
  • Painting Tools and the Clone Stamp Tool

Text, Layer Effects, and Filters

  • Type Layers
  • Layer Effects
  • Filters, Merging, and Flattening

Adjusting Images

  • Brightness/Contrast and Levels Adjustment Layers
  • Toning Tools and Hue/Saturation

Saving Completed Images

  • Saving for Print Applications and the Web


Photoshop CS: Level 2

Content Outline:

Masking and Layers

  • Editing Quick Masks
  • Alpha and Image Color Channels
  • Working with Layer Masks
  • Creating a Soft Vignette Mask
  • Creating an adjustment Layer
  • Clipping Groups

Vector Paths

  • Creating Vector Paths
  • Editing Paths
  • Using Paths for Masking

Swatches, Gradients, and Patterns

  • Creating and Using Swatches
  • Using Shortcuts to fill Areas
  • Using Gradients
  • Editing Gradients
  • Creating Seamless Tiles

Layer Types and styles

  • Creating Fill Layers
  • Creating and Combining Shapes
  • Stroking Text Converted to Paths
  • Applying and Creating Layer Styles


Advanced masking

  • Preparing and Image with the Background Eraser Tool
  • Using the Extract command
  • Assignment