Mr. Santus Kumar Deb
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Assistant Professor under the Faculty of Business Studies of the University of Dhaka as well as a member of FBCCI Sport Tourism Standing Core Committee. He is also the advisor of the Dhaka University Career Club & Voice of Business as well as the Moderator of Debate in Bangla and English format of Jagannath Hall of the University of Dhaka. He is the Executive Member of Industry Skill Council (ISC) for Tourism and Hospitality. He is a renowned trainer of Tourist Police in Bangladesh. He anchors different programs and events.

Previous Position:  

HR Department of British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB). He is a Former debater and working as a judge in Parliamentary and world format debate of different educational institutions and a member of Daily Prothom Alo School debate Judges Panel.

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Published by Mr. Santus Kumar Deb
  1. International  Publication: Santus Kumar Deb, Sumana Gupta and Bankim Chandra Sarker, “Tourist’s perception of current  tourism marketing of tourism services in Bangladesh” in the international journal of Sales and Marketing Management (IJSMM) from India, ISNN-2319-4898, Vol-2, Issue-5, November, 2013.

International Paper: Deb, S.K and Roy, Biplab “ E-Tourism: A window of immense opportunity of Bangladesh Tourism” has published in the journal of Valaya Alongkorn Rajbhat University (VRU) Under the Royal Patronage, 1 Klongluang District, Pathum Thani 13180, Thailand.

  1. International Conference Paper:  Santus Kumar Deb “ Factors affecting the choice of Smartphone in Bangladesh: An empirical analysis on the students of the University of Dhaka” published in the conference of the 5th Business, Economics and Communications International Conferences, 2015 in Thailand organized by Naresuan University, Pithshanulok, Thailand.

  1.  International Journal Paper:  Khan, R. H., and Deb, S. K.., “Medical Tourism: Bangladeshi consumer’s choice of destination country” in Newzeland Tourism and Hosp itality Research conference-2010 (Nov. 24-26), Aukland University of Technology. Aukland, Newzeland. (Full article)


  1. Deba Nath, Shobod. S. K. Deb., and Hasan. Mehadi.., Market analysis of Paint industry in Bangladesh: an empirical study. Dhaka University Journal of Business studies. Has been published in the Volume XXXI No.2 December, 2010.

  1. Deb,S.K.,  Barua, Suborna., Harun, Asraf., “Impact of IMC Tools on Consumer Preference:  The Case of Bangladesh Cement Industry” published in the Dhaka University Journal of Business studies Volume XXXII No.1 June, 2011.
  2. Deb, S.K and Harun, Asraf., “The dimensions affecting the adaptation of Mobile Banking in Bangladesh” has published in the (5th) issues of the journal of Banking and Financial services of the Banking Dept. Faculty of Busine

He has written a book on Tourism, named “Tourism in Bangladesh”. Mr. Deb has conducted several international conferences in Thailand, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand and received best presenter award from different International Conferences.

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BBA and MBA major in Marketing from the University of Dhaka

Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management (SCM) and his PhD research is ongoing

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He has experience of working with different teams of profile: Students, Youth Workers, Volunteers, Project Leaders, Social Workers and others. Here mentioned that he conducted several Focus Group Discussions (FGD) to find out Employee’s dissatisfaction and make a solution how to motivate the employees for better productivity and performance in future.

During last 08 Years, he was engaged in Business and Economy related Research but recently he has focused on the economic impact of Tourism and Hospitality. He writes column in different Newspaper on Business related issues and is a very popular Media Face in Tourism Industry.

Mr. S. K Deb is a specialist in Interpersonal Communication Skills and he conducted a lot of workshops and training programs:  how to impress an interview board, Leadership Strategy, how to manage People, Entrepreneurship Training, and Productivity & Performance Evaluation.

S.K Deb has over 08 years of professional experience in Planning, Development and Management, especially on Program and Event planning, development and implementation. He was the member of a special course, named Tourism and Hospitality syllabus development committee of NCTB (National Curriculam and Textbook Board, Bangladesh).